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Angela Bethea

Hello there! I'm Angela the sassy military wife behind the editorials on this blog. I often shop for bargain deals, check out sales and share my thrifty finds across my social network. Feel free to check out links to my other publications and social pages.

Favorite Summer Holiday Memories

As I was growing up my family and I look forward to get-together’s and spending some quality time by the beach or in the park while barbecuing during summer time. We love reminiscing the good old days and having a good laugh with our elder’s stories during their prime. Personally I can choose to do something else during the summer …

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How to Choose a Great Restaurant

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My Softish Throat Drops Experience

Softish Throat Drops

Having a sore throat is not a joke. The pain and the fever if may bring really gives me uneasy feeling and discomfort. This is why every time I feel like my throat is acting up, I always do those first-aid types of things I know to combat or prevent sore throat from happening. But sometimes, the good old way …

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Super Foods That Everyone Can Enjoy

Super Foods

Over the past few years, the term super food has become a big part of modern vocabulary. It’s hard to read a magazine without reading about the latest super food and how it has the potential to change your life. If you’re picturing a head of broccoli wearing a cape, it’s time to think again. Super foods are not magical, …

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Three Reasons to Include More Fiber in Your Diet

fiber food

With so many pre-packaged snack foods and refined carbohydrates in the modern diet, many people never consume the amount of dietary fiber that is recommended for optimum health. Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that consists of the indigestible portions of plant matter. There are two types of fiber. Soluble fiber can be dissolved in water; insoluble fiber cannot. Both …

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