Birth Control Pills are a Bitch and a Half

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I feel horrible, and I feel empty. But I don’t like people lately. I don’t like being around most people I know. I also don’t know how to respond when I am asked how I am. When will I be prego? What’s up? The whole nine yards. All I am taking is prenatal and 2 months of birth control pills. What more with the rest of the meds?
Apparently voicing out what I think and feel that all I do now is Complain, Complain, Complain, Complain & Complain – word for word. Tell me I am a bad person that this isn’t okay and normal. Because there’s got to be something wrong with me that I am feeling this way on people. I guess this is why I can’t have kids.

PS: I was worried about the bills. Paying for my meds out of pocket. Trying to balance expenses. Then we have people over. I talked to hubby about my worries about the food/groceries … he did say we will be okay. I suppose voicing out my thoughts I brought it upon myself to be called selfish and not wanting to feed people. That despite preparing the house, cleaning up and setting up a room for people to stay at … saying my worries means I am a selfish person.

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