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Finally another review to share! So for those of you busy bees who loves to pack your home cooked meals with you on the go … this is a must read review. I may not be a very good cook just yet as I am still quite learning the art of cooking, I still appreciate a pre-packed loving. Except one of the biggest dilemma I always encounter would be the leaks and burnt container.

Admit it, you’ve been there too. Bought one of those plastic containers and heated up your food in like less than 1 minute high and end up with some burnt edged around your food! I hated that. It makes me feel like I am eating a portion of that plastic. Then, there’s those stubborn leaks. No matter how much I try to secure the container I always end up with leaks. With the Box Appetit Bento Boxes , both of those issues had been resolved. With all honesty, the product is well made and very sturdy. Built with a spill proof lid to help prevent any leaks and spills along the way. They have also provided a detailed information on how much heat capacity the container can take.

My Box Appetit Bento Boxes
 Box Appetit Bento Boxes

Box Appetit Bento Boxes

So if you’re having the same issues as I do, make sure to check out the Box Appetit bento boxes. There are two color variations available, red & black like my box appetit and the green and white. The product retails for $22.95 so get one now while supplies last.

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