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Car Shopping Made Easy with Capital One Auto Navigator

Car shopping. It’s not something any of us love to do. In fact, it’s one of life’s necessary evils. Between actually finding the car that’s right for your, putting up with a salesperson trying to get you to upgrade to the “Gold” package, and the inevitable 2 hour negotiation in the office, car shopping is not high on my list of joyous occasions. BUT with Capital One Auto Navigator, it’s a heck of a lot easier.

Car Shopping Goes Hand in Hand with Life’s Big Changes

Life changes are generally what prompt us to upgrade our rides. Life’s milestones often involve needing or wanting a new vehicle that better fits our lifestyle. Whether a new baby is on the way, that new promotion just came in, or we need a new vehicle that better fits into the terrain of the area we’ve relocated to, there are times in our lives when upgrading our car is required. That’s where Capital One Auto Navigator comes in.

I remember when I upgraded from my first car. It was a good enough car, but I had reached a point in my life where driving the same starter car I had in high school just wasn’t cutting it anymore. And so, I had my first experience with car shopping. After that torture, I swore I would only upgrade my vehicle again when I absolutely had to. If I had had a tool like Capital One Auto Navigator, it would have been SO much easier!

Capital One Auto Navigator

How Capital One Auto Navigator Works

Capital One Auto Navigator is a one-stop-shop website to help you get your next car with a minimum of hassle. This website from Capital One makes it easy to find out if you quality for car financing, and if you do, help you get it easily. It takes all the headache out of the financial end of car shopping, and it’s so easy.

Capital One Auto Navigator website

Capital One Auto Navigator

Capital One Auto Navigator

In just a few minutes, you can find out if you pre-qualify for auto financing, and it doesn’t affect your credit score. That’s important to me. From there, you can compare all the pertinent info on different financing options like term lengths, prices, and vehicles. Captial One even shows you your estimated monthly payment and APR. Sweet!

It makes car shopping easier, because you know exactly what financing you qualify for AND you have more bargaining leverage when you hit the dealership because you can show that financing is in place. Hey, you need every edge you can get when you’re car shopping.

Car Shopping Just Got Better

Car shopping is a chore. We all know this. BUT with Capital One Auto Navigator, it just became an easier chore. If you’re looking to upgrade you vehicle situation, start with Capital One Auto Navigator so you can walk into your local dealership with more confidence and less headache.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Capital One. All opinions stated on this post is 100% my own.

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  1. Not heard of capitalone auto navigator, I have heard of capitalone the credit card company though in the UK. I will be looking to buy my first car next weekend though I am thinking of starting small then when I need to upgrade I will see if I can use this site.

  2. I think I need to get my parents one of these! They never use a Sat Nav and that usually means we get lost going to unfamiliar places, despite me giving Google Maps instructions!

  3. I change my car every 18 months so this sounds like a great tool to help me. Jo x

  4. There is nothing worse than that wait to find out if you qualify for car finance when you are sat in the showroom – being able to do this in advance would have made the wait so much easier!

  5. This sounds so helpful, and it’s great that it doesn’t affect your credit rating! I’m hoping my current little car will last me a few years yet but I’m already dreading having to replace him, I wouldn’t know where to start haha!

  6. My friend is going to love this post as she is going shopping for a car in the next few weeks. I will email her the link. Thanks x

  7. This sounds really interesting as I have been talking with my husband about getting a new car. I will need to look into it further.

  8. Great idea – as someone who is self employed I am ALWAYS nervous about credit ratings so this would be a godsend

  9. I don’t drive but if I have any friends who I think could be helped by this post I will be sure to pass it on to them

  10. I can’t drive and don’t plan to in the future but this sounds really handy for anyone upgrading their car! xo

  11. Not heard of this before, I will keep this in mind when I go car shopping next time

  12. We need a new car. We were going to start saving for a new one now, but miraculously, our car passed its MOT last week – we we’ve got another year to save. Yay! Great to hear about this service for looking for car financing though, as a new car costs an awful lot of money!

  13. What a great tool. I’m looking to get a car in the new year so I’ll definitely use it then x

  14. Such a useful tool, I’m always a little bit useless when it comes to car shopping as I don’t tend to know what’s good and what isn’t x

  15. I am thankful at times that I don’t drive, shopping for a car sounds like a headache, listening to my dad go on and on about it! This sounds like quite a helpful start though and having everything you need before you start!

  16. Sounds like a good tool! Will keep this in mind!

  17. I’ve not bought a car before and definitely wouldn’t know where to begin so this would be so helpful. Thanks for sharing x

  18. My car is on it’s last legs. I dread the thought of shopping for another! Will keep this post in mind, thank you!

  19. This is such a good tool, I’ll bear it in mind for next time I’m buying a car!

  20. We are thinking of changing our car next year so this post is so timely for us. Thanks.

  21. This sounds so helpful. I’m hoping to pass my driving test next year so I’ll have to remember about it πŸ™‚

    Louise x

  22. I’m gonna share this with my uncle who is looking to buy a new car! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  23. this is such a helpful post! Going to start car shopping in a few months and will definitely look into this!

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