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Tastiest Coffees and the Perfect Healthy Breakfast To Go With


With thousands upon thousands of different coffee flavors, it may be hard to choose which one is the best. But overall, a late 2014 taste test of over 1,000 cups of joe yielded that today’s coffee drinkers tend to prefer Columbian roasts. In fact, the top two picks for 2014 were Newman’s Own Organics Columbian Especial Medium Roast, and Gloria …

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How to Have a Vegetarian Barbecue

vegetarian barbecue

Vegetarians often feel unwelcome at a BBQ party. While everyone is chowing down on thick juicy steaks and yummy ribs, they are left sitting on the sidelines hoping for something to eat. Quite often they have to politely decline all of the food that comes off the grill. If they’re lucky, there might be a section on the serving table …

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Frozen Treats You Can Make Yourself

Frozen Treats

Summer is here, and good old Mr. Sun is sure doing his job. The scorching heat is everywhere, all the way from the rocky slopes of the mountains and down to the plains below. Summer is the season for fun in the sun, but everyone looks for ways to cool off. Whether it is a shady gazebo in your backyard, …

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Three Reasons to Include More Fiber in Your Diet

fiber food

With so many pre-packaged snack foods and refined carbohydrates in the modern diet, many people never consume the amount of dietary fiber that is recommended for optimum health. Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that consists of the indigestible portions of plant matter. There are two types of fiber. Soluble fiber can be dissolved in water; insoluble fiber cannot. Both …

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How To Make Fast Foods Become Diet Friendly

fast food diet

Fast food is not the term everyone will include at their diet plan or method. For them, fast food simply means unhealthy and worst, fattening. I agree with it at some point but upon digging more deep and researching much wider, I just learned that fast foods can become diet friendly foods. Here are some real life examples. Pizzas Some …

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