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Why Small Businesses Need to Up Their Content Marketing – and what it means for YOU!

As a blogger, I pride myself from being able to work from home. My blog is just one of the many ways I make a living online while being a full time mom. If you consider yourself a small business owner and offer your services digitally … you can benefit from reading through my post today as to Why Small Businesses Need to Up Their Content Marketing – and what it means for YOU!

More traffic, more brand exposure, and more chances to attract and keep a customer are a few of the many reasons a business, particularly a small and growing company, needs to keep up with their content marketing. Whether your business is based online or happens to be brick-and-mortar, you still need an online presence to remain competitive. These are the reasons content marketing can give your business an edge over the competition.

Increased Website Traffic and Brand Awareness
Overall, companies that maintain blogs and that post 11+ times per month see at least 2x as much traffic as companies that don’t have blogs, or that blog 5x or fewer per month. Companies that create 16+ blog posts see as much as 3.5x as much traffic. This applies to B2C and B2B companies.

Greater Customer Loyalty
Educated customers are more likely to stick with a product and a given brand in the long-term. They have a higher degree of loyalty and higher expectations as well. The more resources available and the more types of resources and content your customer has taken advantage of (video, articles, guides, etc.) the more dynamic their perception of and relationship with your brand becomes.

Fewer Demands on Customer Service and Sales Teams
The more content you have, the more a customer can learn about your business or brand before engaging with a sales rep or making the decision to purchase on their own. The more resources you have available, the more chances you have of convincing a potential customer to try your product or service.

Then, once they do become a customer, having available resources such as tutorial videos, infographics, and articles that help them make the most of your product without relying on customer service representatives.

Less Reliance on Ads
At least 40% of US internet users use an ad blocker on desktop computers, and 22% do so on a mobile device. In Asia, that number is much higher. If you also consider how ad-blind consumers have become, content marketing becomes infinitely more appealing. Not only is it typically more cost effective, but it results in as many as 3x more leads than “traditional” ads and other forms of marketing.

Better Overall Search Rankings
The higher the quality of the content that you have, the better your search rankings will be. For example, brands that blog more frequently do tend to have better traffic, but those that have more extended content that is easier to read tend to rank better in search engines overall. The same can be said for businesses that incorporate the right types of visual content.

How Do You Up Your Content Marketing?
The simplest way to know that you are producing better, more relevant content that will meet customer expectations is to hire a professional organization, like LSEO. Yes, you can also spend some time reading and experimenting to implement some of the basics. However, the tools and experience you need to move through the highest levels of content marketing strategy come at a premium of time and money. With all of these potential benefits waiting, the sooner you can get started, the more your business has to gain.

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