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Finding the Right Bra Size

Some of you may think that finding the right bra size isn’t as important. Little did you know that it does! Wearing the perfect fit plays a significant role in our daily lives. As a woman, we need not only pay attention to how we look on the outside but as well as how we carry out under garments.

Now that I am expecting, I have been experiencing back pain and shoulder pain … only to realize that I need to get my bra refitted! That’s the thing, there are numerous issues to arise when wearing the wrong bra size including but not limited to the following:

Neck, Shoulder and Back strain

No one would ever want a stress in their body no matter how severe or light it can be. Some may not even notice that wearing a tight or smaller bra is the culprit behind those shoulder and back ache

Irreversible Damage to Ligaments

As the body age, the ligaments can easily get twisted and damaged. Same goes for the skin and which eventually loosen and begin to experience sagging, most especially if the bra size is B or higher.

While in other instances some have experienced embarrassing situation for having slip ups from wearing a smaller cup size. Aside from preventing these situations from happening, the right bra size can also improve perkiness and lift.

Having beautiful and well-designed brassiere in the right size had been made comfortable with Victoria’s Secret. The shopping assistants provided an easy to follow bra fitting guide in-store. This information is handed out in a small card for anyone who wishes to check if they have the right size or as a guideline in case they plan to make a purchase online. So if you need to check if you’re wearing the right size or cup, I highly suggest visiting their store to get fitted.

Happy shopping!

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