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How to Budget for a Home-Office Renovation Project

Considering of updating or upgrading your home office? Then you’ve come to the right place! Any upgrade or update helps make any space function better. It also helps it become more efficient with a more functional flow. My home office (craft room for others) is the selling point and heart of our home. While several areas of a home may need remodeling, the office is a great place to start as it helps bring forth ideas for additional renovations.

Create a List
It is best to create a list of items that must be changed and the ideas that you have for those changes. This helps a contractor provide a better, more accurate estimate. Star or mark items that are must haves to ensure that the contractor notices the important items.

Contingency Budget
Within your budget should be additional funds known as a contingency budget. This is because very few renovation projects go as planned. There are almost always surprises behind the walls or under the floors. The contingency budget should be an additional 25-percent of your total budget. This also allows funds for extra work as the project continues as changes are likely to happen.

Projects like this do cause a temporary disruption in your home. It also leaves behind a bit of dust and dirt from construction. While most contractors clean up after themselves, some are likely to be missed or forgotten about. Always expect a project to last a few days longer than initially estimated given the fact that unforeseen circumstances can add time to the completion date.

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