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IVF Egg Retrieval Update 3

While I’ve been quiet for a while, I’m simply trying to catch up with my daily activities and work since Is tarted feeling better. I didn’t want to take this opportunity for granted as I am scheduled for an operation “hysteroscopy polypectomy” on the 24th of this month. ✌🏻️ Not ready for the pain but ready to get moving so we can transfer.

Also, I don’t know how to get started, but we got the news … we have frozen 12 normal embryos!!! 💖💖💖 All PGD tested. That’s right. 12. We have a dozen! 😂😂😂 we went from 0 babies to a dozen embabies real quick. 😅 Okay not really quick but that line was funny. Hehe. 😋

Anyway … I know for sure we won’t be able to have all 12 kids. If all goes well, and in God’s will we want 3 kids. 💕 Maybe and that is stretching it, who knows … 4. So I asked hubby, what do we do with the rest of our frozen embryos? That’s 8 or 9 embryos. 😳 He immediately said “freeze them”? But we can only freeze them for so long. We started wondering about donating them. Is that even a thing? So I googled and apparently it is possible. While there are egg donations, you can also donate embryos. They call them embryo adoption – I like that term, 😌 compare to thinking they might just stay frozen or have to say goodbye to them when we went through so much already. 🙌🏻 It’s just like real adoption 💕 there is Open and Close … I was totally mind blown. 😳😳😳 With all that being said, I still have to do further research how to move forward on adoption/donation process. If any of you have any infos, I Would love some insights to this.

After my surgery they will do the biopsy and then we get scheduled for transfer whoooo. So close! 💋💋💋 Wish us luck! xx

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