IVF, Financial Struggles and Coverage

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Currently, I am feeling frustrated … I don’t even know where to begin. I am currently waiting for our insurance to approve my medications. My nurse Jen sent out my script to the pharmacy and when I called it in (for pickup) I was informed that two of them were not covered. I had no choice but to put it on hold for the time being as it will cost me $3K out of pocket. We’re talking about medications to start the process … this doesn’t include the other out of pocket cost we will incur down the road such as anesthesia, acupuncture, etc.

I feel like I am way over my head. It feels like I am drowning. After getting poked around for a blood test like a lab rat … it sure is making me feel down not knowing if we can even push through and continue. It would make sense to put it on a credit card, but I just did that for my dental work. I ended up incurring $2K in bills to fix 8 cavities. I mean who has 8 cavities despite keeping up with a dental hygiene? Apparently me. Now $3K just for the preliminary meds? I don’t know where to get the money from.

We are with Tricare Prime, and I know the treatment is not covered. But I am hoping at least that the meds are. I am still fighting my way through this and will keep trying. I have been on the phone with them back and forth. I have been transferred to so many people. Dealt with multiple departments and until now there is no certainty if those meds can be covered.

I am mentally and emotionally drained.

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