Hello Menopur and Follistim

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Went off for bloodwork this morning and everything is normal! Which means I start injections of menopur and follistim tonight. Not excited about the pain but I am happy we’re moving forward.

Update: So glad hubby is home to help me prepare for the injections. We watched the tutorial video multiple times and I swear, there’s nothing in this world that can prepare me for the pain I have felt for the menopur. The follistim wasn’t as bad. That menopur however burns like hell.Oh, and let’s not forget it lingers for a bit too.

I managed to get my follistim and menopur dose tonight. Alexander twins forgot to give me needles for menopur today and when I purchased meds a few days ago (ganirelix, lupron, etc) they gave me two needles – where I have no clue which to use. Big thanks to the ladies of Fertilitalk. If it weren’t for all of their support I wouldn’t be getting through the steps with any sanity left.

Update #2:Arm/skin rash but not sure if it is from the Follistim & Menopur or the rubber used on my arm before drawing blood during morning monitoring.

PS: I’d say ivf and the whole injecting my belly with meds is unexpected enough … I’d never think I’d be doing this back in the day. So this fortune cookie brought smile (and a bit teary eyes). I wanted to share it here because I figured we all deserve a little hope, happiness and good vibes.

IVF Fortune Cookie

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