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July, 2015

  • 17 July

    My Softish Throat Drops Experience

    Softish Throat Drops

    Having a sore throat is not a joke. The pain and the fever if may bring really gives me uneasy feeling and discomfort. This is why every time I feel like my throat is acting up, I always do those first-aid types of things I know to combat or prevent sore throat from happening. But sometimes, the good old way …

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  • 3 July

    Super Foods That Everyone Can Enjoy

    Super Foods

    Over the past few years, the term super food has become a big part of modern vocabulary. It’s hard to read a magazine without reading about the latest super food and how it has the potential to change your life. If you’re picturing a head of broccoli wearing a cape, it’s time to think again. Super foods are not magical, …

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June, 2015

  • 26 June

    Three Reasons to Include More Fiber in Your Diet

    fiber food

    With so many pre-packaged snack foods and refined carbohydrates in the modern diet, many people never consume the amount of dietary fiber that is recommended for optimum health. Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that consists of the indigestible portions of plant matter. There are two types of fiber. Soluble fiber can be dissolved in water; insoluble fiber cannot. Both …

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