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December, 2016

  • 19 December

    IVF Egg Retrieval Update

    ivf eggs

    Out of 25, 24 were good for pairing with sperm. Out of 24, 21 fertilized ???????????? on Christmas day they will call and let us know how many of the fertilized embryos made it to day 5! Grow embies grow!!! ???????????? Oh and now I am just waiting for “aunt fanny’s” visit ???????????? after she leaves, the biopsy of embies …

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  • 16 December

    I Pulled the Trigger


    Just thought of sharing this update … we are pulling the trigger tonight and retrieval is Sunday.

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  • 12 December

    Bloating with menopur, follistim and ganirelix


    So … I am not sure if anyone else have experienced this. So I figured I’ll jot it down here. Tonight is my 5th night on menopur and follistim, with ganirelix to be added. Yesterday I started feeling the cramp in my ovary/uterus. A slight pinch. Maybe from the ultrasound wand from the monitoring yesterday. Not a fan of the …

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