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October, 2017

  • 23 October

    Operation Shower and My Hello World Baby Shower Experience

    operation shower

    Much like planning a wedding or other meaningful life event, baby showers can be memorable, but they can also be stressful as well. As someone who has attended my fair share of showers for family members as well as some of my closest girlfriends, I can personally say that I’ve seen firsthand how stressed the party planner and guest of …

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  • 16 October

    Essentials to Surviving the First Stages of Motherhood

    Parenting Essentials

    As excited as my husband and I when we found out we were expecting our first child, we were also a little terrified. After all, having a baby isn’t like keeping a houseplant alive; it’s not even on the same playing field! Fortunately, however, I have supportive family members and friends who helped me through these last 8 months of …

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September, 2017