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BlogHer 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note7 As Seen and Experienced on BlogHer 2016

disclaimer: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

BlogHer 2016 Time really does fly. It seems like attending the BlogHer 2016 conference was just yesterday and not two weeks ago! I had a blast and learned so much. While I am excited over many things, there’s one that’s on top of my list … and that is checking out and experiencing the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 first hand. Big thanks to Best Buy I get to test the device 2 weeks prior to its launch date. I can skip the store rush and decide early on if the device is for me.

I’ve already seen the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 commercials and read a few editorials – but nothing compares to having an actual hands-on experience of the device. It was everything, and more! I already know I like its camera (12.0MP rear-facing camera and 5.0MP rear-facing camera), but what I am more interested with is the iris scanner and its water resistance! Who wouldn’t want to unlock their phone with one look? I know do! Also, if you have kids having a water resistant phone is absolutely heaven sent! Saves you from a whole lot of oopsies and uh-ohs! How do I like it? I’m actually sold. In fact, I pre-ordered the device.

BlogHer 2016

While I was at the Best Buy booth I also discovered their mobile plan-and-compare tool and learned that about 50% of people overpay on their cell phone bill. Guess what? I’m one of them too! All this time our family had been overpaying and our service provider isn’t even that reliable! The “maybe you have a service” and “maybe you don’t” –it’s about time we switch! Not only will we save some money, we can also upgrade our mobile devices!

If you’re wondering if you’re also overpaying, simply visit your local Best Buy store and they will look up your plan as well as usage to help you save on your mobile bill.

Are you overpaying on your current plan? If you’re wondering, simply visit your local Best Buy store and they will look up your plan as well as your usage to help you save on your mobile bill.

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  1. Isn’t this the phone they warn everyone about when we fly LOL? I am an Apple girl, but once they work out the kinks, I am sure this will be just as popular 🙂

  2. So great that you got to test out this Samsung in person. It makes a difference. And Best Buy really is a fun store to try out new products and get great deals!

  3. God thing you were able to save some money on your bill. My family is loyal to Apple but I hear Samsung is a pretty good choice.

  4. I hate phone bills!!! They’re always more than what you expect it to be. I had no idea Best Buy offered such a service. Will have to check it out.

  5. Hey that’s really good to know that Best Buy can look up the plans and compare for you! We aren’t due for new phone upgrades for another year or so. I’m trying not to fall in love the 7!

  6. i should definitely check their tool for comparing rates although i suspect for the iphone users there isnt much wiggle room. thanks for sharing!

  7. We get fantastic service but we still overpay. I need to check that out because who needs to give their money away?

  8. I am also super excited for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Sounds like Best Buy is really amazing helping out people find the best plan for them! Thank you so much for this informative post!

  9. I loved my Samsung galaxy! I dropped it and had to replace it with something else. But it was a great phone.

  10. It’s too bad that they had some issues with this phone. I’ve used Samsung in the past and I really like their features. I hope they work on a fix soon.

  11. An iris scanner sounds so amazing, unfortunately I am locked into my current plan and still paying for my phones. I have always been a Best Buy fan so I will keep them in mind when I need a plan or phone.

  12. I love Samsung Galaxy and i wouldl ove to try this out. It must be amazing to take photos on. xx

  13. Samsung is not in my good company list at the moment. We bought their ‘exploding’ phones and really had a hard time tyring to get through the hassle of replacing, etc. I went back to using an iPhone. I am, however, glad you had a good experience with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. I hope this phone is safe.

  14. Wow! I had no idea I might be overpaying on my cell bill. That is a really great service that Best Buy offers. That’s now on my To Do list!

  15. Sounds like this phone has a lot of really cool features. I really like the stats for the camera. I’m an iPone user right not and don’t plan on changing yet.

  16. My husband really wanted this and loves all the features but unfortunately the battery exploding was a bit of a turnoff for him!

  17. I heard the phone is really look but your not allowed to fly with it. Hopefully the issues should be resolved soon and it will be back with a bang for it’s cool features.

  18. I’ve been an Apple girl for years, but I think this is a great alternative. My Husband wants to switch over. I’ll think about it!

  19. My dad loves his galaxy but I can’t give up my iphone! I love all the cool features this has though!

  20. How fun, I really need to get to a BlogHer conference. We are iPhone users but my mom has a galaxy and loves it!

  21. Reesa Lewandowski

    I really love the camera on this phone. I am not in the market for a new phone but this one looks great!

  22. I have to say that I am happy with my Galax S6 Edge +. I think it might be the greatest phone that I have ever owned. If the Note 7 is anywhere near as good as this one, then it is going to be a great phone.

  23. I’ve always been a Apple girl, I turned away from Samsgun when they’re phones started to catch fire haha!

  24. Is this the phone they won’t let you take on the plane? i heard some great things about it but I hope they are working on the battery issues.

  25. I’m definitely overpaying for my service plan. My contract is about up, so I’ll be weighing my options in the near future.

  26. Ooooo this sounds like one awesome phone!!!!! Hubby is on team android so he would probably love this!

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