The Emotional Struggle of Infertility

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I still can’t believe it’s already been months since we discovered about the Helping Heroes program and RMANJ. Time flies … often times when I am working, I wish I have more time in a day. When it comes to this IVF Journey, it sure feels like time isn’t passing fast enough. I wonder if anyone else feels like this or is it just me being impatient.

Since taking prenatal supplement and birth control, I noticed some side effects right away. Lucky me. I started taking my prenatal vitamin Oct. 14th (30 days ago) and birth control Oct. 31st (7 days ago). It all started with a simple uneasiness. Then the mild headache, chest and body pain. I’m physically drained. I eventually got myself checked and discovered my blood is extremely low 83/60+ … despite drinking water and coffee, it wasn’t enough. Apparently, I am dehydrated and need to drink either Gatorade, Powerade or Pedialyte to rehydrate.

I am feeling much better after the hydration. The chest pain went away. Except now, I am feeling very bloated. I feel sluggish and my lower back is hurting. If that isn’t enough, I am also having cravings! I am not pregnant (yet) and I am having crazy cravings over sandwiches. I am into rice and meat (egg, longganisa, nuggets, etc.) and normally I wouldn’t ask for a sandwich, burger or pizza. Now the tables were tI can’t imagine what it will be like when I am actually pregnant already. All I know is that I can’t wait to get out of this birth control.

I am quite emotional too. I feel like crying and with everything that’s been going on with our insurance coverage, the travel cancellation for our cruise … I feel so helpless and defeated.

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